Putting a Facebook on Death Valley Flowers

Anticipating a better than average wildflower season in the California deserts, wildflower watchers have set up a “Death Valley Flowers” Facebook group to alert others where the wildflowers are blooming. 

Wet winters often result in colorful blooms of cactus and wildflowers in Death Valley National Park and desert areas east of the Sierra.  This year, the Armagosa River has been flowing steadily and water covers the lowest salt flats of Badwater Basin creating the infrequent appearance of Lake Manly, a shallow lake about eight inches deep and about three miles wide. 

Indicators such as this are raising hopes among Death Valley wildflower enthusiasts for profuse wildflower blooms this spring.  The National Park Service is now reporting tiny sprouts that appear like a “fuzz of green” on alluvial fans and hillsides.  Within weeks those areas could be covered with wildflowers, as observers expect the wildflowers to bloom between late March and early April.

Wild flower updates are posted by Death Valley National Park at www.nps.gov/deva and the new Facebook group is found by searching for “Death Valley Flowers.”  Photographs and updates are posted on it.