California Fall Color
Dude, autumn happens here, too.

Halloween Colors from the Shasta Cascade

With bigleaf maple turning at 3,000′ and color descending in the High Sierra, color spotter Katie Shaw reports where color can now be seen in the vast Shasta Cascade region of northeast California.

Butte County:

15-30%- Butte County- Expect some changes this week as high wind is predicted this week along with rain on Thursdayto bring some dramatic change. With warm sunny days and cold nights, the trees have turned brilliant shades of orange and red, despite beginning to drop their leaves!

Shasta County:

30-50% – Whiskeytown National Recreation Area- The place to be this week in the park to see fall’s change is around the waterways and waterfall. Brilliant reds, yellows, and purple leaves are surrounding the park’s proud waterfalls, and providing a welcome sight for all who see. This change is expected to continue for while, but don’t forget to catch this part of the show while you still can!

100%- Burney Falls State Park- Make sure to catch the peak of fall color change happening this week at Burney Falls State Park! The Oaks are magnificent yellow and brown, and the Maples are beginning to shed their leaves in wondrous form. See the park in full fall color!

Tehama County:

50-75%- Lassen Volcanic National Park- The Oaks, Cottonwoods, and Aspens are all a radiant shade of yellow, and are simply coloring the park. Don’t miss out on this brilliant show of color, because with colder temperature and even snow projections, the transition into the winter season will be a quick one!

Lassen County:

75-100%- Bizz Johnson Trail- The trail and surrounding areas are radiating vibrant colors of red, yellow, and orange as the fall season is brought to its peak! This brilliant display of nature’s creativity is expected to last for another week or two, so whether you bike, walk, or drive make sure to check out the show. 

Siskiyou County:

75-100%- Mt. Shasta- Multiple colors of Oaks and Maples line the roadways around Mt. Shasta, displaying a cornucopia of rustic reds, dazzling oranges, and golden yellows. While some trees reach their peak, others are still fighting to hold onto their spring colors. However, storms and high winds at the end of the week are expected to bring all color change to a halt and produce a shower of multihued leaves.

Trinity County:

15-30%- Weaverville- Fall is still in beginning to show in Trinity County. The Oaks and Locusts are starting their shift into a subdued yellow, while the Maples are turning a scarlet red.  No big weather changes predicted in the near future so the trees are expected to continue their unhurried shift to their fall crest.

Plumas County:

75-100% Plumas County- The Oak and Dogwood trees are beginning to really reach their peak with warm oranges and vivid yellows. The Cottonwoods and Maples are beginning to embrace their winter coats this week, while the creek beds are still rich with Indian Rhubarb in wondrous shades or red and orange. Over on the north side of the county, the Aspens are in full bloom with tones of yellow, and the rest of the forest is still alive with autumn color.

Modoc County:

75-100% Modoc County- The drive through Modoc County is a true feast for the eyes. With the Aspens and Cottonwoods changing into a lush golden yellow, and low lying shrubs a brilliant red, the view is pretty remarkable.

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