Have a Merry Winter!

Hoar Frost on Black Oak, Yosemite National Park © John Poimiroo

Now that winter has arrived officially, California Fall Color will hybernate until next Autumn.

Before we head into our den, however, here’s wishing all our loyal readers all the best for the holidays and new year.

2011 will be remembered as a year of beautiful and long-lasting fall color, with little wind (until the end of Autumn) to strip the leaves from the trees.

OK, I suppose it’s time for all of us to pray for a rainy, snowy winter in California so that there’s lots of water to make next Autumn’s color as long-lasting as this one was.  See you again in Autumn.  California Fall Color is officially offline until then.

Long Beach Long on Color

Landing at Long Beach yesterday, our JetBlue flight crossed an urban landscape that was speckled with bright orange and gold exotic trees.  The top branches of the tallest trees were stripped of leaves, though all below was full of color and glory.

75 – 100% – Long Beach, Southern LA County – Non-native landscaped trees are fully colored with some neighborhoods showing lots of autumn color.

Add Orange to LA’s Colors

Sunset at Redondo Beach © 1999 John Poimiroo

This week, Zack Behrens of KCET-TV posts gorgeous shots of orangy color in Los Angeles and debunks the myth that LA has no seasons.  CLICK HERE to see his report and proof positive that Los Angeles is literally aflame with color in autumn.  Though, this week’s big winds are stripping the color.  CLICK HERE to see the latest from SoCal Wanderer.  So, the most color Southern Californians are left to watch are sunsets along the coast, like these two lovers enjoyed at Redondo Beach.

Past Peak – Southern California – Santa Ana winds have settled in and sucked most of the leaves from the trees.  So long autumn!