Parchers Last Report – Beauty Still To Be Seen

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South Lake Road (10/19/12) Krisdina Karady

Jared Smith, Krisdina Karady and the team at Parchers Resort in the Eastern Sierra (South Lake, Bishop Creek Canyon) go out with a bang on this, their final report of 2012.  Our deep thanks are expressed to Jared and his team for more than a month of great reports.  Here’s his last, though it doesn’t mean the color has ended in the Eastern Sierra.

Overall Conditions above 8500ft

The majority of the color above 8500ft is now past its prime or gone entirely but there are still glimpses of beauty to be had in a few groves in the 8500 to 9000ft level, especially above Willow Camp and behind Table Mountain Campground.

Overall Conditions below 8500ft

Peak color is upon us in the 8000ft to 8500ft range, especially near Aspendell and along the South Fork Bishop Creek by Bishop Creek Lodge. The forecast looks cold and breezy next week so it’s anyone’s guess if it will hold out but as of today, it is spectacular.

75-100% – South Lake Rd above Mt. Glen Camp (8600ft)

Mostly past peak, but still a lot of nice creek shots with some yellow, orange and a little red to be found.

Mt Glen Camp (10/19/12) Krisdina Karady

75-100% – Mountain Glen Campground (8400ft)

This area is right about the cutoff from peak color to past peak. Some thick groves of old growth aspen are really putting on a show here. Along with the Bishop Creek Lodge area, this is possibly the finest color in the canyon at present.

Mist Falls (10/19/12) Krisdina Karady

75-100% – Mist Falls and the groves above Bishop Creek Lodge (8350ft)

This area is brilliant and in full peak color with lots of yellow and some orange as well. Stunning views of these groves this week.

The Groves (10/19/12) Krisdina Karady

75-100% – Groves above Cardinal Village & Aspendell (8550ft)

Its go-time in Aspendell as the aspen are putting on a real show. Best on the middle fork.

75-100%% – Forks Campground (8000ft – 8300ft)

There is one spectacular grove of Aspen just below Intake II and just above Forks Campground. A very unique rock formation above the campground makes for some very interesting opportunities for the avid photographer.

Past Peak – Table Mountain Camp (8900ft)

A few stands of Aspen left, especially if you walk into the campground to view the grove east towards the peaks but the majority of the aspen have lost their leaves.

Past Peak – Surveyors Meadow (8975ft)

Not much left here, just a few trees left showing some rosy hues and yellow.

Past Peak – Willow Campground (9100ft)

Most of the color found along the roadside last week is completely gone however there is still some great stuff if you go into the campground and walk from there towards Parchers Resort along the old road. Still some great cottonwoods and aspen with brilliant yellow and there are a few bright red snowberry bushes on the granite cliffs offering a very cool contrast between granite, aspen and red brush.

Past Peak – Lake Sabrina (9150ft)

Pretty much done for the season.

Past Peak – North Lake (9255ft)

Not much left at the lake but the view from above looking down on Aspendell is still worth a Look.

All Photographs Copyright 2012 by Jared Smith, or courtesy of fall color contributor Krisdina Karady.

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