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Reflecting on Convict Lake – Go Now!

Convict Lake, Mono County (10/7/13) Susan Morning

Convict Lake, Mono County (10/7/13) Susan Morning

On reflection, Convict Lake – south of Mammoth Lakes- is picture-perfect, presently.  Color spotter Christie Osborne reports that color has now descended to 7,000′ in elevation approaching full peak at Mammoth Lakes.  Weather has been ideal with temps in the 60s and no wind. Nights remain cool in 20s and 30s, providing for optimal conditions to intensify fall color.

Convict Lake (10/7/13) Susan Morning

Convict Lake (10/7/13) Susan Morning

Convict Lake (10/7/13) Susan Morning

Convict Lake (10/7/13) Susan Morning

Convict Lake (10/7/13) Susan Morning

Convict Lake (10/7/13) Susan Morning

GO NOW! – 50 – 75% – Convict Lake - Picture-perfect reflections are to be seen in Convict Lake on still days, the color has blanketed the far end of the lake and along its banks with bright yellow.  There’s still some lime, so unless the color gets stripped, it should last a while.

GO NOW! 50-75% – Mammoth Lakes - Below 7,500′ – There’s lots of color to be seen along Sherwin Creek Road and Mammoth Creek, which hasn’t quite hit peak, but will soon.

GO NOW! 75-100% – Mammoth Lakes - Above 8,000′ – Full peak to past peak is occurring at the highest elevations in  The Sherwins above the town of Mammoth Lakes. 

Despite the Government Shutdown, there are plenty of fall color viewing options in and around Mammoth Lakes. For more information about color viewing and visiting Yosemite during the Government Shutdown, CLICK HERE. For deals on lodging, dining, and activities, CLICK HERE


Location: Mammoth Lakes, Calif.
Temperature: 39.2 °F
Humidity: 23%
Dew point: 5 °F
Wind speed: n/a
Wind direction: n/a
Cloud cover: n/a

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16 Responses to “Reflecting on Convict Lake – Go Now!” »

  1. pc2mac Says:

    Took almost the same pictures of Convict lake on Monday. the Rockcreek area is also looking nice. Talked to some folks taking pictures while fishing at Lake Mary and the June Lake area is not showing yet.

  2. John Poimiroo Says:

    We’d love to see your shots.

  3. Jaganath Says:

    Is it a good idea to visit the June Lake loop this weekend? Even though I am visiting this area for the last 2 autumns, I always miss the peak by a week or two.

  4. pc2mac Says:

    Trying to figure out how to upload my shots…. appreciate any advice….

  5. John Poimiroo Says:

    We have not yet received June Lake’s report. They report tomorrow, but my bet is that it will be very close to peak. Also, weather has been good, but who knows whether it will still be so in a week.

  6. John Poimiroo Says:

    Email photos to We’ll post them. Also need: location, date of photo and name of photographer. We only post identified photos.

  7. pc2mac Says:

    Just emailed you two photos I took, one at Convict and one along Rock Creek.

    Jaganath, the gentlemen I talked to on Monday said that the colors weren’t showing in June. However, maybe today’s snow will force a change… Good luck!

  8. Peter Says:

    Sent you two photos last night. Hope you got them.

  9. Jaganath Says:

    Thanks John, Eagerly waiting for your report today!

  10. John Poimiroo Says:

    June Lake report is now posted. Go Now!

  11. John Poimiroo Says:

    Never got them. Email to

  12. Peter Says:

    I did. I forwarded the message again to you a second time

  13. Peter Says:

    Ok, I’m getting a bounceback from your account saying your quota has been exceeded. You may need to clear out your mailbox…

  14. John Poimiroo Says:

    The quota on that mailbox had been set too low. So, I increased its quota. So sorry for the problem.

  15. John Poimiroo Says:

    So sorry for the problem, Peter. My bad.

  16. Peter Says:

    No worries, mystery solved! Just sent you the photos again…


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