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Darrell Sano Scores Several Firsts

Sunol Regional Wilderness (8/20/17) Darrell Sano

Color spotter Darrell Sano (dksfoto.smugmug.com) began his search for fall color “a bit early this year,” by hiking into the Sunol Regional Wilderness and along Alameda Creek this past Sunday, where he saw the first reported “hints of fall color.”

Sunol Regional Wilderness (8/20/17) Darrell Sano

Sunol Regional Wilderness (8/20/17) Darrell Sano

Darrell said the display wasn’t obvious. He had to search for it and hiked “off the trail to really see it.” Nevertheless, despite that temperatures were pushing 90 degrees, Darrell said he “still could sense the change of light,” and that autumn was approaching.

Should you visit this preserve in San Francisco’s east bay, you’ll find alder, willow and sycamore, though mostly evergreen coastal live oak and gray pine, plus blue oak, elderberry, madrone and … rattlesnakes.

Northern Pacific Rattlesnake, Sunol Regional Wilderness (8/20/17) Darrell Sano

Sunol Regional Wilderness (8/20/17) Darrell Sano

The well-fed snake seen in this photograph (far left) crossed a shaded trail toward Darrell.

Congratulations to Darrell who scores several color spotter firsts: the first to file a report in 2017, the first to report from the Sunol Regional Wilderness and the first to set a record for the hundred yard dash.
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  1. Toni Stone says:

    I have a question, can you tell me where this weather report is taking place. Its the weather that is on this page that shows up off to the right of the page. Thank you!

    • John Poimiroo says:

      Presently, it is the weather report for Mammoth Lakes, which has the highest elevation for reports from the Eastern Sierra (Bishop is lower and does not provide as good a predictor of autumn’s approach at this time). Thanks for your query, as I’ve now added a search bar to display the location of the current report. I’ll be changing reporting stations as peak progresses around California.

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