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KCET Continues Coastal Trail Series

Premiering tonight and continuing through summer, KCET airs six new video segments on its website, kcet.org/coastaltrail The Web series explores the majestic California Coastal Trail; its past, its present and its future through historical narratives, camping and hiking guides, social media videos, and articles about important cultural points of interest along the Trail. One new video per […]


California Fall Color Is Named Best Internet Site

CaliforniaFallColor.com was awarded Best Outdoor Internet Site in the recent Outdoor Writers Association of California 2017 Craft Awards. A photo of fallen apples shot at Apple Hill in Camino was also awarded a First Prize for Best Outdoor Feature Photograph and CaliforniaFallColor.com took Second Place honors as the Best Outdoor Medium in California. Every contributor […]


Fall Color Begins in Spring

Many deciduous trees are budding out with blossoms and new foliage, providing for a fresh and colorful spring show. This Eastern redbud tree (exotic) in our side yard is now flocked with magenta blooms, while Western redbud shrubs in Sierra foothill canyons are carrying rose  blossoms. Although this website is  dedicated to fall color, what […]


Trekking in Snow and Woods

An indispensable item for outdoor trekking is a set of gaiters. Designed to wrap around the lower leg, gaiters keep snow and trail debris from saturating pants and out of boots. That means you can wear cotton jeans or light pants (layering is recommended) without concern that pant legs will get soaked and become uncomfortable […]


Where Have All The Monarchs Gone?

Ninety percent of the nation’s monarch butterflies have disappeared during the past 20 years. So many have disappeared that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service anticipates determining in 2019 whether to designate monarchs as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. The colorful insects return to California in late autumn each year, but fewer […]

Super Blue Blood Moon

A super blue blood moon is about as rare as the moon gets. This morning’s event combined a super moon (larger than usual), a blue moon (the second full moon in a month) and blood moon (a total lunar eclipse — the first since 2015), all at the same time. So, like a lot of […]

Traveling Lightly

For the outdoor photographer who intends to travel lightly, Cotton Carrier’s G3 Strapshot secures a DSLR with long lens to the shoulder strap of a backpack. The G3 Strapshot’s compact holster velcro-wraps around any backpack’s shoulder strap and is kept from sliding down by a pull strap that loops through the top handle of the […]

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The Tail End

Fall color is still being glimpsed around California as the tail end of autumn’s show lingers. Bruce Wendler found willows glowing yellow-orange at the intersection of Movie Road and Whitney Portal Road and commented that “Some of the Primrose Brush and Reeds turn a little red in the winter, so don’t give up on color in […]