California Autumn

Tony Rice sings, “It looks like it’s gonna be another California autumn…”

“… the best time you’ll ever find to run away.”

Enjoy Magazine IDs Northstate Spots

Brewer’s Oak (Unknown Date) Jay Thesken | Enjoy

Papoose Pass, Davis Gulch and Sacramento Ditch are three new fall color locations identified by Shasta Cascade native plant experts in the latest issue of Enjoy magazine.

Laura Christman’s article leads off with the above photo of Brewer’s Oak (rarely published here), reinforces what we espouse about California Fall Color, then lists places to see great fall color up north. CLICK HERE to read it.

On The Go with John Hamilton

KGO-AM810 On The Go

This morning, the 50,000 watts of KGO-AM810 (San Francisco) sent word of California Fall Color far and wide over travel broadcaster John Hamilton’s program “On The Go.” To hear the program, CLICK HERE.

KCRA-TV3 – Top Ten NorCal Fall Foliage

Napa Valley (11/5/16) Gene Miller

Our friends at KCRA-TV3 have posted Northern California’s top ten fall foliage spots. CLICK HERE to read their report.


Foster Travel on California Fall Color

Foster Travel

Travel writer/photographer Lee Foster and I will be heading Outside on the Eastside starting on Monday to photograph and record fall color.

Lee has published many books on California and holds the distinction as the first travel writer to fully embrace and be truly successful in online publishing. Recently, he posted this article on California Fall Color.

Our route will take US 50 east to Placerville, then south along Mormon Emigrant Trail to CA 88, then east again across Carson Pass through the Hope Valley, turning south through Markleeville and over Monitor Pass to US 395.

From there, we’ll travel south, checking Eastern Sierra canyons for color, arriving at North Lake in Bishop Creek Canyon for the sunset.

I’ve been asked where the locations identified on this site are located, since many are not identified on Google or Apple maps. That is why I’ve placed a custom map on this website. You’ll find it in the column to the right, just below the weather forecast.


California Fall Color Map

The California Fall Color Map identifies precisely where fall color has been seen and to what stage the color has progressed. However, the updating of the leafs is done manually as new reports arrive, and I am sometimes delayed from posting updates. So, the map is only as current as time permits to post updates.

Still, if you’re reading this site and go to the map, you can find locations about which we’ve reported on this site.

To use it, click on the brackets at upper right. The map will open in a new window. Then search for the location you want to visit or click on a leaf. Expand the view to make clicking on leaves easier. You may have to click “View in Google Maps,” for a closeup view of nearby roads.

Good hunting.

Via Preaches California Fall Color

Writing in Via, Christopher Hall declares, “To hear New England tell it, you’d think that glorious fall foliage only happens there. But we in the West respectfully disagree.”


CLICK HERE to read his article.

NY Times Reviews

All The News That’s Fit To Print

South Lake Rd, near Parchers, Bishop Creek Canyon (9/23/17) Naresh Satyan

NY Times reporter Mike McPhate posted a piece today in California Today about our autumn, stating, “That means in California, with its extreme topography, weekend travelers can find their way to fall foliage for much longer.”

CLICK HERE to read Mike’s article.

Also, the NY Times’ California Today has a new feature by which you can post a photo. We recommend sending current photos and ones that show not just inspirational landscapes, but the relationship of people to them. CLICK HERE to be taken to that page.

NBC on CaliforniaFallColor

NBC believes seeing California Fall Color is “Worth The Trip.” The network’s LA, Bay Area, San Diego and Sacramento stations have been regular followers of and several just posted the above review on their websites.

Thanks NBC’s California affiliates for being such great supporters of CaliforniaFallColor!


TasteCaliforniaTravel On CaliforniaFallColor

Quaking Aspen, Hope Valley (9/15/17) Phillip Reedy

Dan Clark, editor of called this week to talk fall color. Dan’s blog combines “what’s great in wine, beer, fine dining, places to stay and places to visit” across California.

Over the years, we’ve traded news about exploring California, and Dan was preparing for autumn.

Today, he published an article about and what makes our autumn so special. To read it and more from TasteCaliforniaTravel, CLICK HERE.

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Bishop: Look East to See the Sunset

Videographer Skandar Reid shows how to watch sunsets in the Eastern Sierra… turn toward the east.

That’s because sunset light bends through the atmosphere at high elevations to create a phenomenon called alpenglow that colors high peaks to the east.

That happens in Bishop where sunsets beyond the Sierra illuminate the eastern White Mountains with their alpenglow.  So, at sunset in the Eastern Sierra, look east.

The reverse happens at sunrise… look west.

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