California Fall Color
Dude, autumn happens here, too.

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Aerial Eastern Sierra

Thu ,23/10/2014

Keith Lake flies over the Eastern Sierra in these videos of Mammoth Lakes and Bishop Creek Canyon, posted last week.

Fall Hikes With Your Dog

Wed ,22/10/2014 is devoted to dogs, their owners and finding companion-filled fun in the great outdoors and on the road.

This week, editor Janet Fullwood described hikes to take in Mendocino, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Santa Barbara and Redding, several of which are along fall-colorful trails. Thanks DogTrekker for also giving a nod to CaliforniaFallColor for our fall color reporting.

As reported here previously, CaliforniaFallColor is a proponent of putting “pieds” to path and what better way to do that, than with your pet? Of course, finding trails that are open to dogs, that allow off-leash hiking and that include an uplifting view or destination can require a bloodhound’s nose.

So, before I grab their leash and say to Murray and Ditto, “Let’s go for a walk!”, I turn to or for good advice on dog-friendly trails.

Off-roading to Fall Color

Thu ,09/10/2014
Laurel Canyon (10-/7/14) Steve Wolfe

Laurel Canyon (10-/7/14) Steve Wolfe

One of the fun ways to see fall color is to drive off-highway on a Jeep road. Color spotter Steve Wolfe has been doing that this week and brought back these fabulous shots of his trip by 4wd up Laurel Canyon, south of Mammoth Lakes.

Laurel Canyon (10/7/14) Steve Wolfe

Laurel Canyon (10/7/14) Steve Wolfe

Laurel Canyon (10/7/14) Steve Wolfe

Laurel Canyon (10/7/14) Steve Wolfe

Steve reported, “The entire canyon is at-peak, with some aspen stands beyond-peak or already stripped of leaves.  But, there are a LOT of red-hued aspen there,”

Several guides can be found online to backcountry trails.  Look for streams and lakes that would support aspen, cottonwood, alder, dogwood, oaks and other colorful trees.


LA Times Urges, “Go Now!”

Fri ,26/09/2014

When the Los Angeles Times urges “Go Now!” instead of “Go Dodgers!,” something seismic just happened.

In today’s LA Times Travel News & Deals, travel writer Mary Forgione selected five Go Now! destinations from this site to recommend to the paper’s readers. To read their report, CLICK HERE.

Perhaps it was Jared Smith’s photos of Bishop Creek Canyon that convinced the Times’ editorial staff. After all, his photos are grand-slam-gorgeous.

In return, California Fall Color reports the following fall baseball conditions.

GO NOW! – Peak (75 – 100%) – Los Angeles Dodgers

GO NOW! – Near Peak (50 – 100%) – San Francisco Giants

GO NOW! – Peak (75 – 100) – Los Angeles Angels

GO NOW! – Near Peak (50 – 100%) - Oakland A’s

Patchy (10 -50%) – San Diego Padres

Take a Hike with Modern Hiker

Wed ,24/09/2014
Little Lakes Valley Trail (9/1/14) Alicia Vennos/Mono County Tourism

Little Lakes Valley Trail (9/1/14) Alicia Vennos/Mono County Tourism

If has a purpose, it is to share the beauty of California’s autumn.  That often means venturing to places we hadn’t known about before.

I was called by a kindred spirit this week in the person of Casey Schreiner, editor and founder of Modern Hiker. I’ve admired Casey’s well-written and informative blog for some time and when he called to see how we might collaborate, I was more than ready to take a hike with Modern Hiker.

If you haven’t read Modern Hiker, you’ll find wonderful recommendations on hikes throughout our state that are both inspirational and energizing.  Our society spends a lot on gym memberships, diet fads, self-improvement programs, medications and counseling, and why we do baffles me. As, the easiest, least-expensive and most-effective tools we have for a healthier, more fulfilling life are found at the end of our legs… our feet.

They can take us to places where nature’s beauty can cure what ails us, in ways none of those other aids can.

Casey has asked his readers to post trails leading to beautiful fall color.  Similarly, I’m asking our readers to post fall color they see that is reached by trails. The Little Lakes Valley Trail, seen above in early September, is one of those trails. You’ll find other recommendations at

Happy fall color viewing… and hiking!

SF Chronicle Busting the Myth of No Fall Color

Sat ,16/11/2013
Grape Leaves, Napa Valley (File Photo) John Poimiroo

Grape Leaves, Napa Valley (File Photo) John Poimiroo

Writing on the San Francisco Chronicle’s blog (, Christine del Sol busts the myth that California doesn’t have fall color (that’s a “No, duh!” to anyone who reads this blog, though a revelation to many coast-bound Californios).

CLICK HERE to be linked through to her story and see favorite photos from past fall displays. Hats off to color spotters Krisdina Karady, ShaleAnn Cluff, Jared Smith, Nicholas Barnhart, Kimberly Kofala, Rob McSkimming, Scott McGuire, Will Klair, Frank McDonough and Todd Stepien whose photos were chosen for the gallery of photos of California Fall Color.

Thank you, too, Christine and The Chron for recognizing the work of California Fall Color and its many color spotters.

Cattails at Mono Lake

Sat ,26/10/2013
Cattails (typha), Mono Lake County Park (10/25/13) Aki Yamakawa

Cattails, Mono Lake County Park (10/21/13) Aki Yamakawa

Color spotter Aki Yamakawa sends us a Flickr file of photos taken last weekend in the Eastern Sierra.  Aki-san says he often rides his sport bike to the Eastern Sierra in autumn to photograph the fall color.  This weekend is likely the last big one to see the color change at that elevation.  CLICK HERE to see Aki-san’s photos.


More Mono Images

Tue ,15/10/2013
Silver Lake (10/13/13) Rachel Jackson

Silver Lake (10/13/13) Rachel Jackson

Here’s a selection of nice photos taken this past weekend in Mono County by Rachel Jackson.

June Lake Loop (10/13/13) Rachel Jackson

June Lake Loop (10/13/13) Rachel Jackson

RJackson - Silver Lake 2

Silver Lake (10/13/13) Rachel Jackson

The Face of Fall – LA Times

Tue ,15/10/2013
Aspen Grove, San Bernardino National Forest (10/12/13) Lisa Wilkerson-Willis

Aspen Grove, San Bernardino National Forest (10/12/13) Lisa Wilkerson-Willis

When compiling a photo gallery of the Face of Fall Around the World, Catherine Hamm, travel editor of the Los Angeles Times, asked us if we’d contact Lisa Wilkerson-Willis to obtain her permission for the Times to post Lisa’s fabulous picture of aspen lit with golden light in San Bernardino National Forest.  Of course, we were delighted to do so.  We’d do that for any color spotter or photog who lets us show their work.  Lisa’s photograph joins other images of autumn around the world, taken by some of the world’s greatest photographers.  Way to go, Lisa!  To see what the LA Times posted, CLICK HERE.

Biblical Revelation – The Burning Bush

Tue ,15/10/2013
Dogwood, Yosemite National Park (10/4/04) John Poimiroo

Dogwood, Yosemite National Park (10/4/04) John Poimiroo

Could Moses’ burning bush actually have been fall color?  That’s the revelation Joe Willis proposes in his blog, Black Oak Naturalist.  It seems Joe was exploring (no surprise, he’s constantly searching for magical discoveries) when he came upon a flame red dogwood in a brown wood absent of other color.  It glowed so red hot, that the “godwood” appeared to be burning.  There is wonder in the woods, as John Muir so often told us.  We have only to walk in reverie to find its magic.