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First Report: Marlette Lake, Tahoe

Sat ,10/10/2015
Marlette Mirror, Marlette Lake, NV (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Marlette Mirror, Marlette Lake, NV (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Color spotter Dotty Molt scores a rare First Report by taking the trail to Marlette Lake near Lake Tahoe.

Marlette Lake, North Canyon Road (10/9/15) Dotty Molt (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Marlette Lake, North Canyon Road (10/9/15) Dotty Molt (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Marlette Lake (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Marlette Lake (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

She writes, “People seem to forget that we have fall color around Lake Tahoe.

“Marlette Lake can only be reached by hiking or mountain biking back 4.5 miles from Spooner Lake.

“It’s a moderate uphill, but a quick downhill, especially on a bike.

“Aspen line the trail all the way back to the Lake, and Marlette has beautiful stands of Aspen on the Southwestern shoreline.

“Beautiful colors are seen around 9 a.m. when the sun peeks over the ridge, illuminating the Aspen from behind.”

Dotty makes an important point… Consider the orientation of the fall color on the landscape in relationship to light.

That is: will it be best viewed in morning or afternoon? Will it be backlit or front lit? How have you set your camera for depth of field, motion or sharpness? Is there something to make the image extraordinary, such as a compositional element that would enhance the image (Dotty’s awareness of the sun star and mirror effect)? Finally, what post production work may be necessary to duplicate what you are seeing and feeling?

Peak GO NOW! – Marlette Lake

Autumn Abstract, Marlette Lake (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Autumn Abstract, Marlette Lake (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Marlette Lake, North Canyon Rd (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Marlette Lake, North Canyon Rd (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Sunstar, Marlette Lake (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Sunstar, Marlette Lake (10/9/15) Dotty Molt

Tahoe Glittering Gold

Sun ,19/10/2014
Lake Tahoe (10/18/14) Kimberly Kofala

Lake Tahoe (10/18/14) Kimberly Kofala

Lake Tahoe (Peak – 75 – 100%) – Color spotter Kimberly Kofala reports Lake Tahoe is glittering with gold. GO NOW!

Tahoe Still Peaking

Tue ,22/10/2013
Lake Tahoe, East Shore (10/21/13) DK

Lake Tahoe, East Shore (10/21/13) DK

DK from Glenbrook on the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe pitches us these shots of the east shore still glowing at Lake Tahoe.

Glenwood, Lake Tahoe (10/21/13) DK

Glenbrook, Lake Tahoe (10/21/13) DK

Tahoe City (10/19/13) Linnea Wahamaki

Tahoe City (10/19/13) Linnea Wahamaki

W - Donner Summit

Donner Summit (10/18/13) Linnea Wahamaki

GO NOW! – 75 – 100% – Lake Tahoe – Cottonwood and aspen are still dressed in gold along the shore of the lake, though each day more leaves flutter to the forest floor.  Linnea Wahamaki sends these snaps of Tahoe City and Donner Summit.

Tahoe Peaking at Brockway Summit (Hwy 267)

Sun ,06/10/2013
Brockway Summit (CA- 267) , Truckee (10/5/13) John Poimiroo

Brockway Summit (CA- 267) , Truckee (10/5/13) John Poimiroo

Lake Tahoe is approaching peak or at peak.

GO NOW! – 50-75% – North Shore Drive (Hwy 28) – Willows have turned chartreuse, aspen are 30 to 50% turned, exotic species of maple are red, orange and auburn with tinges of gold.

GO NOW! – 50 – 75% – West Shore (Hwy 89) – Aspen are between 30 and 50% turned, while willows and exotic maples have peaked.

Brockway Summit (10/5/13) John Poimiroo

Brockway Summit (10/5/13) John Poimiroo

GO NOW! – 75-100% – Brockway Summit (7,100′) – The Truckee side of Hwy 267 is peaking with aspen groves varying from 50% to full peak.  Beautiful orange and yellow-orange is seen in the grove farthest up the road.  Many bridal couples and models were getting photographed near an old shed in a meadow off the road.

GO NOW! – 50-75% – Truckee – Most of the aspen are between 30 and 50%, while willows, and exotic maple and rose hips are peaking.

Awesome Autumn at Lake Tahoe

Mon ,29/10/2012

Quaking Aspen, North Lake Tahoe (10/28/12) John Poimiroo

This has been an extended autumn with little wind (so far) to knock turned leaves from the trees.  It’s now peaking from June Lake to the Northern Sierra.  Over the weekend,  we drove to North Lake Tahoe and found spots of color along I-80, CA-267 and CA-28 (North Lake Blvd.).

Black Cottonwood, Kings Beach (10/28/12) John Poimiroo

North Lake Tahoe (10/28/12) John Poimiroo

75 – 100% – Cisco Grove (5,500′) – a large stand of cottonwood are golden yellow beside I-80.

75 – 100% – Northstar at Tahoe – Stands of aspen on the east side of Hwy 267 are golden or past peak.

75 – 100% – North Lake Blvd. – Stands of aspen along Hwy 28 have turned yellow and are approaching past peak.

Weekend Update: Hope Valley Reborn – Go Now!

Mon ,15/10/2012

Hope Valley (10/14/12) Kimberly Kolafa

75 – 100% – Hope Valley – Kimberly Kolafa posted this photograph taken in the Hope Valley over the weekend.  It shows the remarkable change that’s occurred there.  Reported last Friday, a spotter from the Hope Valley said the aspen near Sorenson’s were past peak, but as this photo shows, only half the aspen are at that stage, while fully another half are just turning lime colored.  So, we’re reclassifying the Hope Valley as peaking, 75 – 100%. Go Now!

Conway Summit (10/14/12) Carolyn Webb

Color spotter Carolyn Webb sends this photograph of Conway Summit seen from a hill across from her house.

75 – 100% – Conway Summit – Go Now!


Magical Moment at Tahoe

Mon ,08/10/2012

Lake Tahoe Area (10/8/12) Scott McGuire

Sometimes, words are superfluous.  This is one of those times, but what the heck…  Photographer Scott McGuire posts this stunningly beautiful interpretation of the change occurring in the Lake Tahoe area.  We rate this 100% perfection.

Tahoe Gold

Sat ,29/10/2011

The downward march of fall color in California was made apparent by driving U.S. 50 from El Dorado Hills to South Lake Tahoe on Saturday.  This route, once part of America’s first transcontinental highway- the Lincoln Highway, shows the change of color by elevation from the early turn of non-native trees in suburbia to the yellow glow of bigleaf maple (the first to change), to dogwood, black oak and aspen.

50 – 75% – U.S. 50 – The western slope of the Lincoln Highway between 3,000 and 4,000 feet in elevation is dressed in bright yellow bigleaf maple with pockets of color seen along the American River.  Further up the canyon (5,000′) dogwood are pink and green, and black oaks are beautifully tinged with orange leaves in time for Halloween.

75 – 100% – South Lake Tahoe – A brilliant stand of yellow aspen is seen at 7,000 ft in elevation on the Lake Tahoe side of Echo Summit.  Yellow bigleaf maple, orange willows and rust ferns dress the edges of forests and meadows at South Lake Tahoe.

Hope Valley Video

Wed ,10/11/2010

This was posted on YouTube two weeks ago, but it shows some of the color seen then in this beautiful part of California.  Jack Durst provides good information about the Hope Valley near Lake Tahoe, photographing fall color and how fall color develops.


Dodged a Bullet, Perhaps

Wed ,14/10/2009

Early reports are that California Fall Color may have dodged a bullet.  Jennifer Boyd reports from South Lake Tahoe that “the storm has passed and the trees still have leaves on them, which is great considering the howling winds we had.”  Jared Smith says he’s shoveling out from a lot of snow which fell in the Eastern Sierra.  We reported last week that trees above 8,500′ had been cleared of turned leaves the week previously.  So, when yesterday’s storm blew through, there weren’t many turned leaves to clear.  Most were green to yellow-green.  Although yesterday’s storm had high winds, those leaves that had not yet turned may have had enough strength to stay held to their branches.  Photos and additional reports are expected tomorrow.