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Lake Gregory Cleans Up Good

Mon ,20/10/2014
Lake Gregory Water Slides (10/19/14) Michelle Fox

Lake Gregory Water Slides (10/19/14) Michelle Fox

Lake Gregory (10/19/14) Michelle Fox

Lake Gregory (10/19/14) Michelle Fox

Lake Gregory (10/19/14) Michelle Fox

Lake Gregory (10/19/14) Michelle Fox

Volunteers cleaned up Lake Gregory's shoreline this past weekend (10/19/14) Michelle Fox

Volunteers cleaned up Lake Gregory’s shoreline this past weekend (10/19/14) Michelle Fox

We received a comment from Cindy, a color spotter, that she was disappointed with the color to be seen at Lake Gregory this past weekend, reporting that it didn’t match the rest of the San  Bernardino Mountain’s peak billing.

So, we investigated, communicating with Michelle Fox at Lake Gregory who provides these photos.  A group of local volunteers were at the lake doing a volunteer, end-of-summer,  shore cleanup when Michelle photographed the scene.  Bravo to all those who volunteered their Sunday to keep Lake Gregory pristine.

Michelle agrees that the color will continue to develop (weather permitting), whereas other areas of the San Bernardino mountains have been shown as peaking, perhaps because Lake Gregory is one of the lower elevations in the mountains.  Still, it’s a beautiful place with delicate color.

Lake Gregory (Patchy – 10 – 50%) - Oaks and other deciduous trees surrounding the lake have been slowly developing their color since first reported on Oct. 5.  Unlike higher elevations in the San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Gregory has not neared peak and will continue to develop color in coming weeks.

Lake Hemet (Just Starting – 0 – 10%) - A report from Lake Hemet states that little color has yet developed in the San Jacinto Mountains.  On the basis of that report, we’ve downgraded the San Jacintos and ranges to the south, to Just Starting. Reports and photos from the San Jacintos, Mt. Laguna, Julian and Mt. Palomar are appreciated.

Indian Summer Across California

Mon ,05/11/2012

Hakone Gardens (11/4/12) Barbara Steinberg

Warm days (80s) have returned to California this week, though rain and snow are predicted for the coming weekend.  A return to warmer weather is actually just fine for sustained fall color, since warm days and cool nights intensify color.

Barbara Steinberg sends this lovely photograph of the Hakone Gardens in San Jose and Scott, a hiker who blogs at reports orange and gold appearing among the black oak along the Observatory trail on Mt. Palomar in Southern California.

We were in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and Pasadena this past weekend and saw very little color change among the few deciduous trees evident, there.  Pleasant temperatures in the 70s and 80s will provide a much appreciated Indian Summer across California this week.