Just Starting – Plumas County

Dogwood, Round Valley Canyon (9/19/17) Jeff Luke Titcomb

For our first report from the Shasta Cascade, color spotter Jeff Luke Titcomb sends these snaps of dogwood and Virginia creepers beginning to show color in the Round Valley Canyon and Taylorsville areas of Plumas County.

Plumas County (3,432′) – Just Starting (0 – 10%) – Look for spots of turning color in Round Valley and near Taylorsville.

Indian Valley Peaking – Go Now!

Indian Valley (11/6/12) Jeff Luke Titcomb

75 – 100% – Indian Valley – Color spotter Jeff Luke Titcomb reports the Indian Valley, southeast of Lake Almanor is “at peak color right now.”

This scenic mountain meadow was so named in 1851 for the large number of native Maidu people living there.  Greenville is the largest town in the valley.  Other communities include Taylorsville, Crescent Mills and Canyon Dam.

The valley is considered to be one of the best places in Plumas County for a scenic drive, due to its being surrounded by mountains, its tree-lined meadow and ranches, old barns and grazing cattle.