Mono County: Upper Rock Creek, June Mountain, Virginia Lakes Peaking

Eastern Sierra Fall Color Guide

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Sarah McCahill recommends a hike into the high country to see the best fall color.  There’s lots of it to be seen if you’re willing to take a beautiful hike.  She reports the latest from Mono County:

30-50% — Crowley Lake.  Lots of bright yellow.  Should be close to peaking in a week to two.  Plenty of color to see and photograph.

0-15% — Lower Rock Creek Canyon.  Still green, though showing some signs of yellow.  Exit US 395 at Tom’s Place.

75-100% — Upper Rock Creek Canyon.  Upper Rock Creek Canyon is speckled with yellow, orange and red leading up to and around Rock Creek Lake.  Some stands are better than others.

50-75% — McGee Creek Upper Canyon.  Bring your hiking boots and a camera to see lots of yellow, orange and some red.  10 miles south of Mammoth Lakes off US 395.

30-50% — McGee Creek Lower Canyon.  Still mostly green with yellow and orange starting to show.  Wind hit some of the trees, but still good.

30-50% — Convict Lake.  This inkwell of a lake is lined with trees whose color reflects beautifully in the lake.

50 – 75% — Sherwin Mountains.  Lots of orange and yellow at higher elevations, descending to yellow-green at 7,000′.

10-15% — Mammoth Lakes Basin.  The jewel-like lakes in the town of Mammoth Lakes are just starting to turn yellow.

75-100% — June Mountain Ski Area.  Patches of orange decorate the upper slopes of June Mountain Ski Area.

50-75% — Parker Bench.  Full of bright orange color.

15-30% — Carson Peak.  Light green to yellow.

0-15% — June Lake Loop.  This drive offers one of the best places to see fall color from your car in the Eastern Sierra.  You pass a necklace of lakes that reflect the trees beautifully.  Right now, it’s still lime-green, with a little yellow starting to show.

15-30% — Lundy Canyon.  Light green to yellow aspens flickering.

75-100% — Virginia Lakes.  Lots of yellow, orange and red aspen and gold cottonwood are coloring the canyon.  Wind has knocked leaves from some trees.  Bring along your fishing rod.

15-30% — Conway Summit (Bridgeport) — Some yellow and hints of orange, though still mostly limey green.  Give it a week.

0-15% — Walker River Valley — Mostly green with hints of yellow.

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