Color Touched by Snow – “Spectacular”

The Town of Mammoth Lakes’ visitors bureau reports that the light dusting of snow at higher elevations provided a spectacular show this past weekend.  Here’s the latest…


0-15% — Bishop.  Light green to yellow is visible among the aspen and gold among the cottonwood near Bishop, CA.

Colorful aspen leaves in Rock Creek

Colorful aspen leaves in Rock Creek (10/5/09)

Past Peak – Rock Creek.  Yellow, orange and red are coloring about 60% of the trees along the road leading to Rock Creek Lake.  Only 20% of the trees around the lake are still showing yellow, orange and some red.  Lower Rock Creek has not yet changed, with 0-15% and mostly lime green.

15-30% — Crowley Lake.  This popular fishing lake and nearby vicinity are showing light green to yellow.

30-50% — Convict Lake.  Yellow aspen are seen around the Convict Lake Resort and in the campgrounds.  There’s a grove at the back of the lake that is glowing orange, yellow and green, reflected in the lake’s dark waters.  Still lots of green.

Rock Creek Lake

Rock Creek Lake (10/5/09)

0-15% — Mammoth Lakes.  The Lakes basin is coming into its own with lime-green to yellow aspen around the lakes, though the best action this weekend is predicted to be Sherwin Creek.

50-75% — McGee Canyon.  The upper canyon is nearing peak with lots of yellow, red and orange.  The lower canyon is still 30-50% turned with green and yellow.

30-50% — June Lake. Carson Peak is flickering with yellow.  The June Lake Loop is 15-30% yellow, while the Parker Bench above June Lake is flaming with yellow, some red and orange at 50-75% change.

Rock Creek Boat Dock

Rock Creek Boat Dock (10/5/09)

75-100% — Virginia Lakes.  At peak, the Virginia Lakes are showing yellow, orange and with some red.

75-100% — Lundy Canyon.  Yellow aspen are everywhere, with 20% orange and red in the upper canyon.

15-30% — Conway Summit.  This pass along US 395 south of Bridgeport is still dragging its feet, showing mostly green with yellow.

50-60% — Twin Lakes.  Look for lots of yellow southwest of Bridgeport at Twin Lakes.

0-15% — Walker Canyon.  Most of the aspen and cottonwoods along the Walker River are still green to lime green.  Same for the town of Walker.

Photographs: copyright 2009, Nick Souza

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    • John Poimiroo says:

      JD, We ask our color spotters to always include elevation data, but few do. As we are dependent upon reports from over 50 different color spotters across California, we take what’s given to us, but I appreciate your comment and will continue to remind spotters to include elevations in their reports. We usually give a relative elevation (i.e., 7,000 to 8,000′) in our reports, even if a specific elevation wasn’t mentioned.

      As for dates, the blog software (WordPress) automatically adds the date of posting below the headline. We do consolidate reports (in order not to bury high value reports beneath a smaller one), though only do so if there are two or more days between reports. So, you can expect that the report is current. Also, all photographs are dated as to when the photographer says it was taken. Older photographs are inserted back in older articles. We don’t like to publish file photographs, but ask for current photos, as this is not about how an area looked at its best, but how it looks now. Hope this is helpful to you.

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