Hang On, Children!

A big storm is predicted this week with high winds to arrive as early as tonight.  So, color spotters have been calling concerned that the storm will knock their beloved children (leaves) from the trees.  Barbara Steinberg is one of them.  She and her husband were winterizing a cabin at Tom’s Place (Eastern Sierra) this past weekend and she called to say they rode up the canyons looking for color and though the snow provided a frosting on buff brown leaves up high, she was disappointed to find the trees bare at higher elevations (which we’d reported).

30-50% — Aspendell, Cardinal Resort. Barbara reports these pockets of color and lime-green turning leaves.  Aspendell remains pretty, as does Cardinal Resort, both of which have large groves of aspen situated in somewhat protected areas.

She reminds leaf peepers everywhere that, even when the color has gone, there’s a quality to the autumn light that is worth going the distance to experience. Barbara said,”In summer, the light is so brilliant.  At this time of year, the light changes and softens.  It’s so beautiful the way it plays across the granite.”  The metamorphosis, she explained, seemed to be total, not just in the quality of light and foliage, but among the communities in remote resorts where services are closing.  She mentioned that a favorite of ours… the Walker Burger in Walker, Calif.  (best burgers in California – plus the bird viewing is fun) is closing for winter, soon, as the birds have flown south to Mexico and fewer travelers are motoring US 395.  Still, if you get up there quickly, there’s color to be seen, so hang on, children and get there before the storm.