You Shoulda Been There

Years ago when I worked in Yosemite Valley, you wouldn’t find me at my desk following a big storm.  As, that’s when the best photographs can be taken… when most people are snug and warm inside.  Ansel Adams exemplified that philosophy with his magnificent “Clearing Winter Storm, Yosemite Valley.”  Yesterday, I was supposed to be photographing Redding and the Shasta Cascade, but we scrubbed the shoot because of the storm… thinking that we wouldn’t get the best photos.  It turned out the day was beautiful.

So, today I turn to Greg Boyer’s superb blog, One Horse Studio, to see his remarkable photographs of the Eastern Sierra that he shot yesterday (of course) following a big storm.  The photos are wonderful, but the real story is in how he got them… braving a blustery day in which he was blown off his feet to get a great shot near Convict Lake.  Best of all, Greg writes (confirming what Tim Fesko reported earlier today) that good color is still to be seen in the Eastern Sierra.  From what Greg writes, I devise the following report:

30-50% June Lake Loop. Half green, half yellow and developing nicely.  If the aspen hold out long enough for the warmer days predicted next week, should be peaking within a week.

50-75% Lee Vining Canyon. Near peak, though the wind knocked a lot of leaves from the trees.  Look for the aspen to peak this weekend.