A Guide to San Francisco Fall Color

San Francisco Botanical Garden Fall Color Map

Music Concourse, Golden Gate Park (11/2/09)

Music Concourse, Golden Gate Park (11/2/09)

San Francisco is California’s emerald city by the Bay.  The City prides itself for being one of the most environmentally attentive municipalities on Earth and that pride is evident within its many parks and streets where beautiful fall color can be found.  This is particularly true in The City’s expansive Golden Gate Park.  However, Golden Gate Park is so large it can be difficult to find the color.

To the rescue comes San Francisco color spotter James Theriault who provides “a very clever, detailed map of the San Francisco Botanical Garden with notations on where the best color is to be found,” writes San Francisco publicist, Cindy Hu.  To open the map, click on the orange “San Francisco Botanical Garden Fall Color Map” above.  You’ll have to click again on it for the map to open.  This is a .pdf file, so you must have Adobe Acrobat Reader or another .pdf reader to see the map.

Begin your tour at the Music Concourse in Golden Gate Park.  This is an open-air concert hall between the fabulous de Young art museum, Japanese Tea Garden (a magical place to see fall color) and the world’s greenest museum, the California Academy of Sciences.

Congratulations to The Palace hotel, San Francisco’s great accommodation which on December 15 celebrates its 100th birthday.  I’ve stayed there many times and have enjoyed luxuriating in its traditions, beauty and superb service.  As a tribute to that great hotel, an article I penned about it for California magazine will be blogged here on Friday.  Now, The Palace’s anniversary has little to do with fall color, though now’s the time to head to San Francisco to see The City’s beautiful change of season and what better place to stay at than the grand and historic Palace Hotel!?  Besides, my daughter works there and I’m a couldn’t-be-prouder dad.

Photo Credit: copyright 2009, James McCormick

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    • John Poimiroo says:

      I renamed the file and provided more detailed directions on how to open it. Please try again by going back to the original blog, then clicking on the orange “San Francisco Botanical Garden Map” at the top of the blog. You’ll need to click again for it to open to the map and you must have a .pdf reader to see it. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free .pdf reader available on the web. Good luck and have fun finding the color in GG Park.

    • John Poimiroo says:

      Sorry. I’ve now made it easier to open the .pdf map by making the link more apparent. You need a .pdf reader to see the map. I suggest Googling Adobe Reader and downloading that free .pdf reader. Then go back to the blog and click on the map. It should open.

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