Big Weekend in the Eastern Sierra

The Parchers Resort at South Lake (Bishop Creek Canyon) is reporting 75% – 100% of peak above 8,500 ft with breathtaking reds, oranges, yellows and a beautiful mix of lime-green and green aspen to complement the hot colors.  This weekend will be a big one for the gorgeous high lakes of Inyo County and the Eastern Sierra.  If it were me, I’d  grab my camera and drive, drive, drive US 395 to Bishop, then head west up into the High Sierra for a colorful fall show of dramatic peaks, turquoise lakes and flame fall color that only California’s Inyo County provides.  Jared Smith of Parchers reports there’s “Still plenty of green in the lower reaches of the canyon so don’t panic if you’re not able to visit for another week or so – weather permitting, there will be color for a while yet.”

South Lake – Elevation 9768 ft

75-100% – South Lake is as good as it gets right now – simply beautiful. The rock slide grove is really starting to pop with some orange and red hues and many of the groves in towards the back of the lake are bright yellow. I would say South Lake is at or very near peak color.

Weir Pond – Elevation 9592 ft

75-100% – Weir is peaking right now as the aspen along the road and along the shore have all turned. The grove above the pond is vibrant and contrasts beautiful against the white granite background. Now is the time to photograph the Weir.

Parchers Camp – Elevation 9260 ft

75-100% – The views surrounding Parchers camp are really looking great right now. Depending on which direction you look the aspens are anywhere between 75% and 100% peak color. The aspens directly to the east and west of the resort are the most colorful with lots of orange and some red.

North Lake (9/29/10)

North Lake – Elevation 9255ft

75-100% – North Lake has really progressed quickly over the past 5 days going from the 50% mark or so to peak color. The typical orange and red above the lake is beautiful right now, as is the famous dirt road, and the grove you see as you approach the lake. No way to tell how long it will last but it’s amazing right now.

Lake Sabrina – Elevation 9150 ft

75-100% – One of the more recognizable views in the canyon, Lake Sabrina, is at or near its most colorful display of autumn beauty. Get your camera and capture it while you can!

Sabrina Camp Groves – Elevation 9000 ft

75-100% – The Sabrina camp grove is at it’s peak, perhaps a tad past it’s peak. The view is still stunning to say the least. I don’t expect the Aspens along the road to last a whole lot longer, but with the unseasonably beautiful weather we’ve had, who knows.

Table Mountain Camp Grove – Elevation 8845 ft

75-100% – The grove just below Table Mountain is on fire right now. Still a little green left to change but it is certainly getting close peak color.

The Famous Mist Falls on South Fork Bishop Creek

30-50% – Mist Fall is finally starting to turn and to be honest, I really like the contrast of the bright green against the yellow foliage right now.

Four Jeffrey Camp Groves

15-30% – Finally starting to see some color here – although a late turn at this elevation is a good thing as there will still be some beautiful colors to photograph even when the higher elevation color has come and gone.

Mountain Glen Campground

50-75% – Gorgeous – but a tad behind the groves up canyon. Will likely see the peak here within the next week sometime.

Willow Camp – Elevation 9065 ft

50-75% – Quite a bit of green still mixed in but the colors are turning quite nicely near Willow Camp. This is an area that is susceptible to wind so lets all cross our fingers and hope that mother nature will take it easy with the wind for a bit and we can see this area develop to it’s peak color.

Surveyors Meadow (9/29/10)

Surveyor’s Meadow

75-100% – Simply stunning here at the groves between Table Mountain and Willow Camp. It is nearly impossible to drive through there without stopping to enjoy the color splashed all across the hillside. Quite a bit of red mixed in at this location as well.

Aspendell (9/29/10)

Aspendell – 8500ft

50-75% – These groves are displaying some beautiful orange and yellow now, and yet there is still quite a bit of green down by Cardinal Lodge. The view is stunning but there is still more color to come at this location if the weather holds out.

Bridge above Sabrina Camp – 9050ft

75-100% – The aspens are really turning fast below Sabrina and the views with the creek and the color together are fantastic.

Photo Credit: © 2010, Kristina Karaday

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