Past Peak, Past Peak, Peaking

This weekend will bring the first major “winter” storm to California and although fall doesn’t end for another month (until December 21), the turn in temperatures and weather will make Thanksgiving Day week seem in the minds of many Californians, to mark the end of autumn.

This coming winter storm does not mean that incredible fall scenery will no longer be seen across the Golden State.  Just click on Michael Frye’s blog (to the left) and view his impressive photograph of black oak leaves peaking through snow, to see what I mean.  Autumn at this time of year requires special vision.  Give up looking for those bold splashes of red, orange and yellow against deep blue skies and find satisfaction instead in the subtle beauty to be found in the more muted colors of dying leaves reflected upon wet city streets, as that’s where the show has moved.

It’s past peak above 2,000′, but below that the color is still peaking, especially in California’s diverse urban forests… Sacramento, the San Francisco Bay Area and in exotic pockets of urban Southern California.

So, enjoy the weekend storms and do not be discouraged by the elements.  There is wonder to be found where you least expect it.