“What a year!”

“What a year,” color spotter Tim Fesko of the Meadowcliff Resort in Coleville reports today.  Tim has been out and about exploring in his ATV from 5,000 ft. all the way up to 12,000 ft. in elevation and says little in the way of fall color is yet showing .  Though, “at 9500′ in the Sweetwater’s, the yellows and oranges of flowers are fantastic. It’s mid September and the wildflowers are still blooming!”

0-15% – Eastern Sierra.  Some yellow showing among the Aspen at the highest elevations, though still a week to two away.  Wildflowers are still blooming.

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  1. June says:

    Just found your site and thanks so much for the updates. We in the San Joaquin Valley need someone to keep us posted so we can come over and stay a few days when the color gets on. Not a a more beautiful time than the fall on the eastern Sierra, and we have been to the Rockies for fall too!

    • John Poimiroo says:

      So nice of you to comment, June. We’d love to hear what you see in the San Joaquin Valley… and elsewhere in your travels in California.

  2. Steve Schwind says:

    Thanks for the report. It is nice to know where the colors are starting to happen now that you can feel a little fall in the year. We have some folks coming up to see the fall colors and stay with us in our Mammoth Lakes Vacation Rentals. 30 years in Mammoth and every year I see the beautiful views and fall colors like it was the first time.

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