Follow the Yellow-treed Road

Convict Lake (10/21/11) © 2011 Alicia Vennos

Color spotter Alicia Vennos writes this morning that she’s off to see the wonders of Lundy Canyon.  With camera in hand, she took these shots of Convict Lake and June Lake and reports “this weekend promises to be another vibrant one in Mono County.”  Elevations  above 9000 feet are  now past peak in terms of aspens although willow and underbrush still have a nice glow.

Past Peak – Convict Lake – Alicia’s photo Convict Lake, taken yesterday, shows aspen “at lake level past peak, but the overall impact of Convict is still autumn bright!”

June Lake (10/20/11) © 2011 Alicia Vennos

75 – 100%, nearing Past Peak – June Lake Loop – And her photo of June Lake, taken this past Thursday shows “the wild orange of the aspens right now.  Some of the Loop is at the height of its peak, other parts are past.”   She says “Parker Bench is peaking nicely as is Lundy and Lee Vining Canyon, according to two local photographers.   Summer-like temps are making the weekend extra lovely, too!”

When Alicia reports back on Lundy Canyon, we’ll post her update here.