Though Past Peak, lots of Color Remains

Convict Lake, Dawn Light (10/21/11) © 2011 Rob Bohning

Rob Bohning is one of several talented photographers whose work has graced this blog.  Rob was out and about the east side and proves through these beautiful images that even though an area is being reported as past peak, there’s still a lot of beauty to be seen.

Aspen Leaves, Eastern Sierra (10/21/11) © 2011 Rob Bohning

Past Peak – Bishop Creek Canyon – There’s still a lot of great color with golden aspen at peak.  Intake II off Hwy 168 had awesome orange and gold around the lake.  Also, Aspendell was a great surprise and the aspen there was peak.

Silver Lake (10/22/11) © 2011 Rob Bohning

Past Peak – McGee Creek Canyon – Though past peak, there’s still lots of nice color along the hike with about 70-80% remain

Lake Sabrina Road (10/21/11) © 2011 Rob Bohning

Past Peak – Convict Lake – About 50-60% remain

Lundy Lake (10/22/11) © 2011 Rob Bohning

Past Peak – June Lake Loop – This is a mixed bag. Grant  Lake has the most color. As you drive towards Silver lake, there is some great color on the right side, some has not begun to change, and some is full peak.  Near Silver Lake, most color around the lake is now past peak, though about 70% remain. Driving further along Hwy 158 towards Gull Lake there is some nice color on both sides of the road. June Lake color is also past peak, about 50-60% remain.

June Lake Loop (10/22/11) © 2011 Rob Bohning

75 – 100% – Lundy Canyon was gorgeous and at peak, now. Some vibrant oranges and reds speckled throughout. Lundy Lake is gorgeous, though past peak.. about 70% remain.  Color spotter Alicia Vennos adds, “From Lundy Lake, drive a one-lane dirt road for about  1.4 miles to the trailhead – you will see lots of photographers at the first beaver pond.   From the trailhead to the Lower Lundy Falls (most popular viewpoint) is .5 miles uphill.  After that, it levels out for about a ¼-mile to the Beaver Pond, another popular destination especially if you’re hiking with younger kids.  From the Beaver Pond  to the second set of beautiful falls, it’s about another mile of fairly steady uphill, through a couple of wonderful aspen groves, across a stream, past an old mining cabin.  The final giant falls coming down from Twenty Lakes Basin is approximately another ¾ miles, again a steady climb.  The whole trail is 6 miles, round-trip, and worth every step!

Lundy Canyon (10/26/11) © 2011 Victor Cooper

Victor Cooper’s photograph of Lundy Canyon (seen at left) shows the most recent state of color change.  Many of the leaves have fallen or are now falling, though bright color still remains.  Alicia Vennos confirms this, writing, “the aspen groves are a mix of still-vibrant color along with trees that have already lost their leaves… Lundy Canyon, June Lake Loop, McGee Creek and Lower Rock Creek along the bike trail, are the best bets.”

Past Peak – Conway Summit – Though the summit is past peak, some great color, about 80%, remains

75 – 100% – Sonora Pass – Dazzling with color.. lots of color left

Past Peak – Virginia Lakes – Carolyn Webb reports that leaves are off the aspen and that there’ll be no more reports for this season, though plan to travel to the Virginia Lakes next year for more summer fun and early autumn fall color.  CLICK HERE for more about the Virginia Lakes Resort.

CLICK HERE to see photo updates on Mono County Tourism’s Facebook page.

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  1. Jyoti says:

    Heyy John!!

    I am there in the thrid picture. 🙂 I was in the extreme end trying to capture the Silver lake usig my water cooler for a tripod. 🙂 My husbad can be seen in red, kids in grey/white and I was in brown. 🙂

    🙂 🙂 🙂

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  2. […] although it is past peak in most areas.  Here is the quick summary. For the full report go to: Past Peak – Bishop Creek Canyon – Intake II and Aspendell still showing lots of color Past […]

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