Littering the Landscape with Beauty

If awards were given for fall color reports this autumn, Alicia Vennos of Mono County, Katie Shaw from the Shasta Cascade,  Frank McDonough from Los Angeles County, Richard McCutcheon of Plumas County and Jared Smith from Inyo County would be the nominees, as each supplied lots of great reports.

The latest comes from Katie who says it’s all Past Peak in the Shasta Cascade.  Here’s her latest report:

Butte County:

Past Peak- Butte County- Most of the color is gone, see you next year!

Past Peak – Whiskeytown National Recreation Area-  Wow, that was a quick season change for the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area!   Basically, the park is just past peak with many golds and yellows still dotting the forest. The colors are fading as fast as the leaves are dropping, so if you want to catch this color make sure to visit this week.

Past Peak- Burney Falls State Park – While there are a few leaves still clinging to the trees, the fall colors have mostly receded till next year.

Tehama County:

Past Peak- Lassen Volcanic National Park– Lassen is past its peak and due to weather there is very little left in terms of fall color.

Lassen County:

Past Peak- Bizz Johnson Trail- There is still some color left on the Trail, especially near the waterways. In general though, the forest is covered with brown leaves clinging to their trees and evergreens.

Siskiyou County:

Past Peak- Mt. Shasta- Due to weather conditions, very few leaves are left on the trees. Old Man winter is now in charge.

Trinity County:

Past Peak- Weaverville- Winter has moved into the Weaverville area, but patches of color can still be seen for the avid adventurer.

Plumas County:

Past Peak- Plumas County-  Due to snow, the majority of the fall color is gone, but don’t be surprised if you see a few oak trees hanging onto their color with an iron fist.

Modoc County:

Past Peak – Modoc County- Due to the cold and windy conditions, Fall is pretty much over in Modoc county except for maybe a few tough leaves.

Thanks to Katie and all the other CaliforniaFallColor spotters who have so diligently reported the change of season this autumn.  We’ll continue to post reports as received, as there’s likely still a lot of great color to be seen.  Presently, it’s raining leaves in the Central Valley and Sierra Foothills, with orange, gold, red and auburn littering the landscape with beauty.