Pumpkin Patches – October’s Color

Peter Pumpkin Patch, Petaluma (file photo) courtesy of Sonoma Uncorked

Pumpkin patches are making orange the state color this month.  Literally dozens of pumpkin patches can be visited throughout the Golden, er… the Orange State.  For a guide to California’s pumpkin patches, CLICK HERE.  Many plan festivals early this month.

Yesterday, we drove through Marin and Sonoma counties, while returning from Tomales Bay, and passed the Peter Pumpkin Patch in  Petaluma whose field was full of the seasonal squash.  Curiously, Peter Pumpkin Patch at Spring Hill Cheese Farm is missing from the previous link, so CLICK HERE for a direct link to their site.

Larry Peter is the owner of Spring Hill Cheese Farm which operates the patch.  The pumpkins aren’t cut and stacked in a field.  You have to find your pumpkin in the patch, providing a true pumpkin harvest experience.  They plan a festival this weekend.  We know that Larry Peter eats cheese, but is Peter a pumpkin eater?  I guess you have to visit Spring Hill to find out.

30 – 50% – Petaluma Agricultural Areas – Vineyards along the Lakeville Highway, south of Petaluma were showing deep red to yellow.  Cottonwood were yellow-orange.  Occasional nut trees and exotics were coloring from yellow to firey orange.  Pumpkin farms were full of bright orange pumpkins, ready for eager children to run among them searching for the perfect Jack O’ Lantern.