Awesome Autumn at Lake Tahoe

Quaking Aspen, North Lake Tahoe (10/28/12) John Poimiroo

This has been an extended autumn with little wind (so far) to knock turned leaves from the trees.  It’s now peaking from June Lake to the Northern Sierra.  Over the weekend,  we drove to North Lake Tahoe and found spots of color along I-80, CA-267 and CA-28 (North Lake Blvd.).

Black Cottonwood, Kings Beach (10/28/12) John Poimiroo

North Lake Tahoe (10/28/12) John Poimiroo

75 – 100% – Cisco Grove (5,500′) – a large stand of cottonwood are golden yellow beside I-80.

75 – 100% – Northstar at Tahoe – Stands of aspen on the east side of Hwy 267 are golden or past peak.

75 – 100% – North Lake Blvd. – Stands of aspen along Hwy 28 have turned yellow and are approaching past peak.