Owens Valley Colorful, Despite Weather – Go Now!

Bishop, Eastern Sierra (11/1/12) Joe Pollini

Bishop, Eastern Sierra (11/1/12) Rachel Anderson

Crowley Lake Sheep Meadow (11/1/12) Mel Seator

75 – 100% – Owens Valley – Eastern Sierra color spotters Jon Klusmire, Rachel Anderson and Joe Pollini sent these photos, showing color change in the Owens Valley.  The color there continues to be bold and is approaching peak from Independence to Bishop along US 395.

Crowley Lake Sheep Meadow (11/1/12) Mel Seator

Rachel suggested touring the Barlow Lane, Dixon Lane, Brockman Lane and Bishop Canal (behind Kmart) in Bishop.  Joe and Mel Seator found lovely images at the Crowley Lake sheep pasture.  Overcast conditions  provided for textural qualities to the sky and intensified the color, as is seen from their photographs.  That’s a reminder that some of the best photographs are taken in less than ideal weather conditions.

Big Pine (11/1/12) Jon Klusmire

Jon’s photo from Big Pine shows the area that is home to the Palisade and Norman Clyde Glaciers.  He notes that there’s, “plenty of access on county roads, west toward the Sierra, or east toward the Owens River to get images like these.