Sacramento Wins Votes – Go Now!

In time for the fall election, the state capital city of Sacramento gets the votes of color spotters Amy King and Nicole Coburn, as popping with campaign-winning color.

75 – 100% – Sacramento – The City of Trees is aflame in red, orange and yellow with a display of fall color that is strong enough to stop political ads dead in their tracks.

Here’s a proposition… go now to see the urban forest of our state capital at its prime.  Great places to see color: Capitol Park, Land Park and the Fabulous 40s (residential areas along avenues 40 through 49 in midtown Sacramento).

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  1. Brian Patterson says:

    T Street from Stockton Blvd to 59th St. exit. Almost there, but beginning to look great. Large, canopy for several blocks in nice residential, park like setting.

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