Indian Summer Across California

Hakone Gardens (11/4/12) Barbara Steinberg

Warm days (80s) have returned to California this week, though rain and snow are predicted for the coming weekend.  A return to warmer weather is actually just fine for sustained fall color, since warm days and cool nights intensify color.

Barbara Steinberg sends this lovely photograph of the Hakone Gardens in San Jose and Scott, a hiker who blogs at reports orange and gold appearing among the black oak along the Observatory trail on Mt. Palomar in Southern California.

We were in West Hollywood, Los Angeles and Pasadena this past weekend and saw very little color change among the few deciduous trees evident, there.  Pleasant temperatures in the 70s and 80s will provide a much appreciated Indian Summer across California this week.

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  1. Krish says:

    Planning to visit this weekend but weather forecasts predict snow on Friday. Will the roads be cleared by Saturday? Is the snow in these areas heavy ? Is it still possible to visit?

    • Editor says:


      It entirely depends on where you’re traveling this weekend. There’s still a lot of color to be seen, though wind is its worst enemy. Traveling through the Gold Country today (Thursday), the color is exceptional, though breezes leading the storm that’s arriving have stripped some of the color. I still find beauty in it… the yellow, orange and brown leaves fluttering through the air and sprinkled along the ground like fading jewels. So, keep your attitude positive. No question, our best fall color is probably past, though pockets of color are still to be discovered and when you do find them, they’re magical! Here’s what I’d do. Look closely at the weather reports and determine where and when the storm will hit and where it won’t. Then, travel in the windows. We’ll have a report out today and tomorrow on current status.

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