Tahoe Peaking at Brockway Summit (Hwy 267)

Brockway Summit (CA- 267) , Truckee (10/5/13) John Poimiroo

Brockway Summit (CA- 267) , Truckee (10/5/13) John Poimiroo

Lake Tahoe is approaching peak or at peak.

GO NOW! – 50-75% – North Shore Drive (Hwy 28) – Willows have turned chartreuse, aspen are 30 to 50% turned, exotic species of maple are red, orange and auburn with tinges of gold.

GO NOW! – 50 – 75% – West Shore (Hwy 89) – Aspen are between 30 and 50% turned, while willows and exotic maples have peaked.

Brockway Summit (10/5/13) John Poimiroo

Brockway Summit (10/5/13) John Poimiroo

GO NOW! – 75-100% – Brockway Summit (7,100′) – The Truckee side of Hwy 267 is peaking with aspen groves varying from 50% to full peak.  Beautiful orange and yellow-orange is seen in the grove farthest up the road.  Many bridal couples and models were getting photographed near an old shed in a meadow off the road.

GO NOW! – 50-75% – Truckee – Most of the aspen are between 30 and 50%, while willows, and exotic maple and rose hips are peaking.

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  1. Wei He says:

    Thanks to your posting. We went to Brockway Summit yesterday. The display of color was wonderful and we came home with some great photos.

  2. Wei He says:

    Hi John:

    I just emailed you couple of photos I took at Brockway Summit. Hope you will enjoy them. Many thanks.


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