Bishop Creek Canyon – Past Peak

Color spotter Jared Smith of Parchers Resort reports that a solid week of sub-zero temperatures finished what was left of fall color up Bishop Creek Canyon.  Inyo County’s show now moves down in elevation to the Owens Valley.  Here’s Jared’s last report of autumn, 2013:

Overall Conditions above 8500ft  Past Peak

A solid week of frigid weather did in most of the color that was left. The color arrived a little early this year and while it was beautiful for a while, it’s mostly gone now. Hopefully next fall lasts a bit longer.

Overall Conditions below 8500ft Past Peak

Still some color lower in the canyon, especially near Bishop Creek Lodge and Big Trees Campground, however much of the brilliant yellow is more of an auburn after the cold temps of the last week. It’s safe to say that the best color has come and gone, even in the lower reaches of the canyon.

Parchers Resort closes for the season Sunday 10-20-13 and with most of the fall color gone, this will be our last report of the season. We would like to thank everyone who followed our reports and all of those who provided positive feedback. We look forward to 2014 and another batch of fall color reports. Feel free to email us to join the fall color list any time and we’ll make sure you get the latest greatest reports as soon as we start them next year.

We are indebted to color spotters Jared Smith and Krisdina Karady for supplying such detailed and colorful reports. Because of their reports, California Fall Color is left with memories of beautiful color on an early, but long-lasting show up Bishop Creek.

Parcher's Camp (9/26/13) Krisdina Karady

Parcher’s Camp (9/26/13) Krisdina Karady