Weather Arrives, Will Color Survive?

Bing Cherry, El Dorado Hills (11/17/13) John Poimiroo

Bing Cherry, El Dorado Hills (11/17/13) John Poimiroo

A storm will be crossing Northern and Central California today with rain and winds that are likely to strip trees of their color.  The show now has moved to sea level with urban forests at peak across the state.

This cherry tree was just beginning to turn when photographed on Sunday in the Sierra foothills.  In a storm, fully turned leaves are the most vulnerable.  They’ve lost much of their strength and are more easily blown from branches.  Still-green or slightly turned leaves will usually survive to turn color later.

The condition of California’s fall color is typical for this time of year with much of the best color still to be seen in urban forests where boulevard trees and parks will continue their show through Thanksgiving Day.  Parts of Southern California will still be turning through the holidays.

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  1. Sandy Steinman says:

    In Berkeley there is lots of fall color both in the trees and on the ground. The color is coming from exotic street trees. Especially colorful are the Liquid ambers and Pistache.

    • John Poimiroo says:

      Thanks, Sandy. The cities have been beautiful. Interesting to see whether the storm will affect it much.

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