Shasta Cascade Rapidly Approaching Past Peak

Color spotter Grace Smith sends the last report of autumn from the Shasta Cascade.

Please note: the GO NOW! Alerts posted here are only valid through today.  As, the Shasta Cascade region of Northeast California is expected to be lashed by gusting, high winds.  The Shasta Cascade region will almost surely be Past Peak after it stops blowing.

GO NOW! – 75 – 100% –  Tehama County – The Red Bluff area is at peak, with Sacramento Valley oaks mostly burnt orange, though that won’t last much longer, and with winds predicted should be past peak by the weekend.

GO NOW! – 75 – 100% – Shasta County – Remnant fall color is found at spots throughout Shasta County at Anderson, near Whiskeytown National Recreation Area, and in Redding.  The last of it – given that it isn’t blown all the way to the coast, will provide harvest glow to the Thanksgiving Day week.

GO NOW! – 75 – 100%  – Butte County – Chico and Butte County are finally at full peak. There is still quite a bit of color left on the trees, despite many of them littering the landscape with yellow, orange, red and brown confetti this past weekend. The best color remains along the boulevards of Chico and at Bidwell Park, Chico State University, the Hwy 32 and Hwy 99 corridors, Esplanade Ave, Manzanita Ave., and Mangrove Ave.