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First Report: Ebbett’s Pass

Ebbetts Pass (10/4/15) Kimberly Kofala

Ebbetts Pass (10/4/15) Kimberly Kolafa

I can’t recall when we’ve received a report on the fall color at Ebbett’s Pass, but today we correct that with one from color spotter Kimberly Kolafa.

Kimberly apologized for not having sent photos until this week, as she was in Maine backpacking amidst fall color “that never happened!” Un, huh, and…

Well, we have our own dismal story here, as most observers are noting that the drought has “really impacted leaf peeping,” so we quoteth Ms.Kolafa.

The drought is making it very difficult to rate an area, as aspen (such is the case with Carson Pass) may be stripped, while willows and ground shrubs are still Patchy but developing beautiful color.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see. — Henry David Thoreau

If you’re driving this route, look for interesting subjects to contrast what color is there, as Kimberly did, while turning rotten apples into sweet-tasting apple cider (couldn’t pass up the autumnal metaphor).

Chalmer's Mansion, Ebbetts Pass (10/4/15) Kimberly Kofala

Chalmer’s Mansion, Ebbetts Pass (10/4/15) Kimberly Kolafa

She found the Chalmers Mansion and Cemetery, edged with bright color and came away with this story to complement her image.

Ebbetts Pass (10/4/15) Kimberly Kofala

Ebbetts Pass (10/4/15) Kimberly Kolafa

Ebbetts Pass (10/4/15) Kimberly Kofala

Ebbetts Pass (10/4/15) Kimberly Kolafa

Ebbetts Pass (10/4/15) Kimberly Kofala

Ebbetts Pass (10/4/15) Kimberly Kofala

Lewis Chalmers was superintendent of a mine in the Silver Mountain mining district (1870s – ’80s).  He and his brother had emigrated from Scotland; he returned to Britain in 1885 to raise funds for his mining operations and died there in 1904. Several of his family are buried near the mansion.

Photos like Kimberly’s shot of Chalmer’s Mansion could make up for the lack of color, in some locations, this autumn.

Editor’s Note: Please read the following comment about Hwy 4. This beautiful and historic route could use a little TLC, right now.  As, recent events (the Butte Fire, in particular) hurt the local economy and folks who live along the route would welcome seeing photographers, leaf peepers and all who appreciate beautiful places visit their communities and spread the word that the beauty and history are still there.  Favorites of ours are Ironstone Vineyards (Japanese maples in autumn, daffodils in springtime) in Murphy’s and Calaveras Big Trees State Park up the highway, where dogwood are getting good.  Bonnie Nordby suggests a particularly photogenic location. Our arms reach out to Brad Nordby’s family which lost their home during the fire.  Autumn is a reminder that what is lost always returns.

Patchy (10-50%) Ebbett’s Pass (Hwy 4) Shrubs – Grasses are yellow with green undergrowth and shrubs are yellow to maroon red along Silver Creek.

Past Peak YOU MISSED IT! – Ebbett’s Pass Trees – Like Carson Pass and the Hope Valley, most of the aspen have lost their leaves, though again similar to these areas, there are patches of aspen and cottonwood that remain green or are changing to lime and yellow.

Past Peak YOU MISSED IT! – Monitor Pass.

Past Peak YOU MISSED IT! – Taylor Creek, South Lake Tahoe – Aspen are past peak, but there’s hope for a good salmon run, as the creek appears to be running better than past years.

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  1. Bonnie Nordby says:

    Thank you for posting on Ebbett’s Pass and Hwy 4. I like the historic context juxtaposed with the fall color photos. With Calaveras County having been in the news due to the Butte Fire it is now time to let tourists know that this beautiful scenic corridor is open and untouched by the fire including Big Tree’s State Park where the dogwoods are turning beneath the giant sequoias. My favorite spot there is at Beaver Creek further into the park. Our county’s economic recovery depends on tourists returning. Murphys always puts on a beautiful color show and is accessible to the less adventurous fall color followers. Be sure to stop by Murphys Park with it’s soothing creek and Ironstone Winery too. They have gorgeous acres that include some colorful Japanese maples. Sip some wine and have some nibbles and enjoy. The spirit of Fall brings Halloween and the Day of the Dead celebrations that take place on Sunday, November 1st with special events and displays at local businesses.

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