Hope Valley Begins to Happen

Red Lake Cabins, Hope Valley (9/29/17) Phillip Reedy

California Trail (9/29/17) Phillip Reedy

Fly fisherman Phillip Reedy finds the most beautiful locations. Yesterday, he visited the Hope Valley and walked the old California Trail in search of bows, brookies and beauty.

He came back with these shots and likely a string of lunkers, finding the valley’s photogenic cabin (2 miles east of Red Lake on CA88 at 7,400′) surrounded by a few of the aspen that are changing in the valley. The rest along the highway and on the mountainside above the cabins are still green.

At 7,200′ in elevation the old California Trail, Reedy wrote, “cuts across 88 right there which was used back in the 1840s.  That was the only place along the entire trip from Silver Lake to Tahoe with bright yellow color.”

Phillip said last year at this time, the route was peaking and anticipates it will be Near Peak to Peak by next weekend, in time for the Alpine Aspen Festival. It is likely to stay at peak for the next two weeks.

Red Creek (9/29/17) Phillip Reedy

Red Lake Cabins (9/29/17) Phillip Reedy

Hope Valley (7,400′) – Patchy (10-50%)