Mammoth/South All Patchy, Peak Nears

Convict Lake (9/27/17) Josh Wray

How did I miss Josh Wray’s report this past week? Somehow it got buried by a load of email. Just found it.

Rock Creek (9/27/17) Josh Wray

Fortunately, none of the areas south of Mammoth Lakes have neared peak, though all of them moved from Just Starting to Patchy. Here’s what he reported on Wednesday:

Mammoth Lakes Basin (8,500′) – Patchy (10-50-%) 

Lake George (9,000′) –Patchy (10-50-%) 

Mammoth Rock (9,100′) –Patchy (10-50-%) 

Laurel Meadow (9,000′) –Patchy (10-50-%) 

Convict Lake (8,500′) – Patchy (10-50-%) – Convict Lake is gorgeous right now. Golden willows have ringed the lake with lime-yellow color. Some of the smaller groves near the backside of the lake have turned orange. Convict Lake is on the edge of transitioning to Near Peak.





McGee Creek (9/27/17) Josh Wray

McGee Creek (9/27/17) Josh Wray

McGee Creek (9,000′) –Patchy (10-50-%) – Aspen near the pack station have begun turning. It’s best around late afternoon. Look for lots of lime and yellow.

Rock Creek (9/27/17) Josh Wray




Rock Creek  (9,000′) – Patchy (10-50%) –  Like many of the upper areas, Rock Creek is off to a late start. The color begins at level 7,500′, but is just starting there. The best color is seen above the Rock Creek Resort.