Sometimes, Fall Color Crawls

Caterpillar, Lassen Volcanic NP (9/30/17) Shanda Ochs

Fall color doesn’t need to be hanging from a branch. It sometimes can be crawling on the ground, as Shanda Ochs, park guide at Lassen Volcanic National Park shows in her shot of a fuzzy fall time caterpillar.

Shanda shows what we often recommend, look down, not just up when searching for fall color.

Manzanita Lake, LVNP (9/30/17) Shanda Ochs

At Lassen Volcanic, willows surrounding Manzanita Lake (northwest entrance) are golden, carrying “hints of orange” and in the Near Peak range.

Rabbitbrush, Manzanita Lake, LVNP (9/30/17) Shanda Ochs

Rabbitbrush continue to show blooms, with Lassen Peak in the background, across the lake.

Blacks Cottonwood, LVNP (9/30/17) Shanda Ochs

Alder leaves, dented with black spot, still proudly shine newly golden as they lose their green.






Deer and Willows, Manzanita Lake, LVNP (9/30/17) Shanda Ochs


Manzanita Lake, Lassen Volcanic NP (5,900′) – Transitioning from Patchy to Near Peak (10 – 75%)