Carson Pass/Luther Pass


Headwaters, W. Fork Carson River, 7,800′ (10/8/17) Marc Hoshovsky

Hope Valley, 7,300′ – (10/8/17) Marc Hoshovsky

W. Fork Carson River, 8,100′ (10/8/17) Marc Hoshovsky

Hope Valley, 7,100′ (10/7/17) Marc Hoshovsky

Carson Pass, 7,700′ (10/8/17) Marc Hoshovsky

Color spotter Marc Hoshovsky visited Alpine County during the “well-attended” Alpine Aspen Festival to find auburn, orange, gold, yellow and lime-colored grasses, willows and shrubs carpeting Alpine meadows.

Aspen are near peak to Peak in a few locations, though will be closer to peak this weekend.

Hope Valley (7,000-8,000’) – Near Peak (50 – 75%) – Aspen are somewhat patchy, depending on the grove. GO NOW!

Luther Pass (7,740′) – Patchy – Groves on the east side of Luther Pass are still quite green, whereas Hope Valley has many large yellow groves.

A Go-To Spot on CA-88, 7,300′, Still Patchy (10/8/17) Marc Hoshovsky