Harlequin Color Pops at Jenkinson Lake

Black oak, Jenkinson Lake (10/8/17) Ahnalise Draper

Pacific Dogwood, Jenkinson Lake (10/8/17) Ahnalise Draper

Jenkinson Lake (10/8/17) Ahnalise Draper

Jenkinson Lake (10/8/17) Ahnalise Draper













Jenkinson Lake near Sly Park in the Gold Country (El Dorado County) gets this week’s pick for Harlequin color.

Ahnalise Draper was on her way to the Hope Valley when she decided to stop at Jenkinson Lake, northeast of Placerville and take an impromptu hike around the lake.

She wrote that the “Scenery did not disappoint. The southeast side of the lake is especially beautiful” though is on point by pointing out that “in line with the rest of the state, it is a patchy display. All the leaves are close to reaching their peak with the lime leaves of bright aspens and oak spotted with some red, yellow and pink that are ahead of the pack.”

She continued, “The southeast finger of the lake is narrow and the beautiful blues and teal of the water are contrasted by dark greens of pines and pops of bright yellow from the trees spotting the embankment, definitely the best part of the lake’s scenery.”

The varieties that dominate this area are pacific dogwood, black oak and bigleaf maple.

Jenkinson Lake, Sly Park (3,400′) – Patchy