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SoCal: Lake Gregory and Mt. Palomar Near Peak

Waterslide and black oaks, Lake Gregory (10/15/17) Micayla Anderson

Maple, Lake Gregory (10/15/17) Micayla Anderson

Black oak, Lake Gregory (10/15/17) Micayla Anderson

Now that days and nights are colder, the only thing sliding down the waterslide at Lake Gregory are fallen black oak leaves, Micayla Anderson reports.

Southern California’s mountain forests are now shedding their leaves as they evolve from Near Peak to Peak.

In the San Bernardino Mountains, Lake Gregory in Crestline is nearing peak with black oak and exotic maples showing orange, yellow and red.

Black oak, Mt. Palomar (10/15/17) John Caffrey

Fremont cottonwood, Mt. Palomar (10/15/17) John Caffrey

Dogwood, Mt. Palomar (10/15/17) John Caffrey

Black oak, dogwood and Frémont cottonwood at Mt. Palomar in San Diego County are showing near peak orange, rose and gold.

Lake Gregory (4,554′) – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!

Mt. Palomar (6,138′) -Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!