It Hasta Be Shasta: Meadow Valley

Sugar Maple, Acer saccharum, Meadow Valley (10/19/17) Michael Beatley

Years ago, “It Hasta Be Shasta” was the motto of one of my PR clients, the Shasta Beverage Company. That motto sure fits what’s happening up north, as fall color is now filling the Shasta Cascade with beauty.

For the coming week, it hasta be Shasta.

Penny farthing in a field, North Arm of Indian Valley (10/17/17) Michael Beatley

Color spotter Michael Beatley was riding past Meadow Valley (not on the penny farthing seen at left) when he spied a Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum).

Sugar maples are exotic trees (native to eastern Canada and the northeast U.S.), known for their brilliant fall color.

Meadow Valley is eight miles west of Quincy on the old Beckwourth Trail where Black Bart robbed stage coaches in the late 1870s. The town was settled around 1850.

Bigleaf maple, Indian rhubarb, Indian Creek,
Taylorsville (10/17/17) Michael Beatley

It sits at the base of Spanish Peak in the Plumas National Forest, which is full of native aspen, maple, dogwood, cottonwood, pine and fir.

Michael reports that “CA-89 from CA-70 towards Taylorsville, Greenville and Chester is very beautiful, with a lot of color along Indian Creek.”

Meadow Valley – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!

Indian Creek, Taylorsville (10/17/17) Michael Beatley









Spanish Peak, Meadow Valley (10/17/17) Michael Beatley