Plumas – About to Fall

Courthouse maples, Quincy (10/25/17) Herb Hwang

Fall. That’s what this season is called. And, it’s now happening in Plumas County.

Everywhere you look or travel, trees are laden with peaked leaves and dropping them incessantly.

The Indian Summer that arrived this week in Northern California has warmed days into the 80s and kept breezes light, but that can last only so long.

Color spotter Herb Hwang made a special trip to Quincy yesterday, just to see the courthouse maples at peak and said, “I’m glad I did!”

Now that’s dedication, Herb.

Parrish Todd also traveled Plumas County’s byways last Friday and Saturday, sending these images. Proof positive that Plumas is at Peak.

This will likely be the last, best weekend to see peak in Plumas County. All of the Shasta Cascade is experiencing peak conditions.

Plumas County – Peak (75-100%) GO NOW!

M. Fork Feather River (10/21/17) Parrish Todd

Maple, Quincy (10/20/17) Parrish Todd

Quaking aspen and rabbitbrush, CA-238, Plumas County (10/21/17) Parrish Todd