Color Along The Midway

Persimmons, Chico (10/30/17) Robert Kermen

The Midway between Durham and Chico, to its north, is still Patchy, though is increasingly showing signs of approaching peak color.

If you go now, you won’t be disappointed, but if you wait until peak is reported there could be nothing by the time you get there.  So, our advice is to assess posted photos for when they were taken and what the area might look like in a week or two, then plan accordingly.

Color spotter Danie Schwartz was in Durham a couple of days ago; she found valley oaks showing nice yellow, lime and orange near the Patrick Ranch.

Ginkgo biloba, Bidwell Mansion, Chico (10/29/17)
Robert Kermen

He continued to Chico to find the Esplanade still patchy with Chinese pistachios and Valley oak showing green, yellow and shades of orange, but limited to few trees. Robert Kermen also visited Chico to find ginkgo biloba along the Esplanade near the Bidwell Mansion heavy with gold leaves. These are some of the most beautiful of boulevard trees at maturity, though care should be taken to plant “male” pollinators, as the female ginkgo has an offensive odor.

Robert Kermen returned to the Chico Seed Orchard, operated by Mendocino National Forest on 209 acres. It was established in 1904 by the Agricultural Research Service for the purpose of plant breeding research and plant introduction from all over the world.

Two of the station’s early accomplishments included introducing the pistachio in 1917 and the kiwi in 1934. The “mother” and “father” kiwi are still at the Orchard and are the oldest producing kiwi in the country.”

Persimmons are another of Chico’s crops. Their orchards are peaking and near harvest.

Sank Park, Oroville (10/29/17) Cindy Lee Hoover

South of Chico in Oroville, Sank Park along Montgomery St. is peaking, with Chinese pistache overhanging the street with yellow, orange and lime leaves.

North of Chico in Paradise, black oaks are at the end of their peak.

In Biggs on Vance Rd., between Feather Road and Pond, trees are patchy with touches of yellow.

Oroville – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!

Patrick Ranch, Durham – Patchy

Esplanade, Chico – Patchy

Paradise – Peak (75-10%) GO NOW!

Biggs – Patchy