Bracken Ferns – A Carpet of Gold

Bracken Fern, Kyburz (9/9/18) Walt Gabler

Bracken Fern, Kyburz (9/9/18) Walt Gabler

Bracken ferns are carpeting the forest floor near Kyburz (4,058′) with golden yellow color.

The Bracken (Pteridium aquilinum) flourishes in life zones from sea level to 10,000′ in elevation and is found in meadows, pastures, woodlands and forests (source: Plants of Northern California, by Eva Begley, A Falcon Guide).

North Coast color spotter Walt Gabler was returning from a Search and Rescue conference at South Lake Tahoe, when their bright yellow color attracted his eye during a rest stop in Kyburz, near U.S. 50. 

Near Peak (50-75%) – Bracken – These showy autumn ferns vary, presently, in fall color from Just Starting to Peak, depending on locale. They’re near peak in Kyburz, off US 50.