Waterfall Hike – Lundy Canyon

Lundy Canyon (10/5/18) Darrell Sano

Lundy Canyon (10/5/18) Darrell Sano

Lundy Canyon (10/5/18) Darrell Sano

Sagehen Summit, (10/5/18) Darrell Sano

Mono Lake, (10/5/18) Darrell Sano

Hiking Lundy Canyon combines fall color and waterfalls, providing for a very scenic and exhilarating fall color adventure.

Darrell Sano spent Friday in Mono County hiking the long, enjoyable trail up Lundy Canyon to its beautiful waterfalls, and still had time to visit Sagehen Summit and watch the sun set over Mono Lake and the Eastern Sierra.

The Lundy Canyon hike begins in Patchy, green, lime and yellow aspen, continuing through “pockets of color.” to areas with barren trees stripped of color. Overall, the trail is Patchy. This will likely be Near Peak next week.

At Sagehen Meadows, pockets of peak color remain among wind-swept aspen. Though, the area has lost a lot of color and is declining. 

  • Lundy Canyon (7,858′) – Patchy (10-50%)
  • Sagehen Summit (8,139′) – Peak to Past Peak – GO NOW or YOU ALMOST MISSED IT!

Eastern Sierra Sunset, (10/5/18) Darrell Sano