Gallimauphry: Inyo County

North Lake, Bishop Creek Canyon (10/7/18) Joe Pollini

North Lake Rd, Bishop Creek Canyon (10/7/18) Joe Pollini

Upper North Lake, Bishop Creek Canyon (10/7/18) Joe Pollini

“Gallimauphry” is a fun word. It means a confused jumble or medley of things.

While there’s little confusing about these wonderful photographs and reports, I love using the word when pulling together collections of shots from a given destination. As, when else would you use a word like gallimauphry?

In this case, the focus is on Inyo County, that long stretch of breathtaking scenery along US 395 from Lone Pine north to Topaz.

We begin with photos taken by Joe Pollini at North Lake in Bishop Creek Canyon, west of Bishop, this past Sunday.

Joe works at the Bishop Chamber & Visitor Center helping folks find fall color and arrange accommodations in the greater Bishop area. So, it was nice receiving Joe’s shots from his “busman’s holiday.”

Joe’s photos tell us what’s happening at North Lake. Areas near treeline are now Past Peak, though at lake level and along North Lake Rd, the aspen are bright yellow. However, North Lake only has another week at Peak.

Toru Takahashi reminds us why so many people enjoy Bishop and Bishops Creek Canyon in autumn, for the canyon’s great fishing.

Rainbow Trout, Bishop Creek Canyon (10/6/18) Toru Takahashi

Jennifer Cornell took a different angle at Lake Sabrina than we’ve seen previously … near the dock. She reported that on Saturday it was, “sunny and warm’ish, even up at the Sabrina campground.” Then, “Lo and behold, it began snowing in the early evening!” and continued off and on through the night. “We got up to freezing temps to shoot sunrise on Sunday morning at Lake Sabrina, even catching a dusting along North Lake Rd. 

Lake Sabrina (10/7/18) Jennifer Cornell


North Lake Rd. (10/7/18) Jennifer Cornell