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Lost Hope – So, Blue

Sunset Lake (10/14/18) Crys Black

Upper Blue Lake (10/14/18) Crys Black

Red Lake (10/14/18) Crys Black

Color spotter Crys Black visited the Hope Valley on Sunday, but arrived at the tail end of its peak.

Disappointed with the color, she “decided to go off the beaten path to see if we’d get lucky. We drove down to the Sunset Lakes where we found a little peak color and around Upper Blue Lake which had some nice scrub color.” Crys scores two First Reports for Sunset and Upper Blue Lakes.

Continuing onto Forestdale Rd., there were very few opportunities for color until she’d looped back to Red Vista Rd. beside Red Lake. If you make this drive, you must have a 4WD with high clearance. Anything less might get you stuck high and dry. 

  • Hope Valley – Past Peak, YOU MISSED IT!
  • Red Lake – Past Peak, YOU MISSED IT!
  • Sunset Lake – Peak (75-100%) GO NOW, YOU ALMOST MISSED IT!
  • Upper Blue Lake- Peak (75-100%) GO NOW, YOU ALMOST MISSED IT!