Sacramento’s Last Leaves

Leaf Cookies, Freeport Bakery, Sacramento (11/20/18)

What would autumn be in Sacramento without a Leaf Cookie from the Freeport Bakery?

Bags of them were waiting on a stop along a fall color spotting tour of Sacramento County, today. I bought several for our Thanksgiving Day table.

The cookies were the most colorful and among the last leaves to be seen in Sacramento, as the Fabulous 40s, a residential area canopied with towering  London plane trees, was at the end of peak.

Although there are nice spots of color to be seen throughout Sacramento County, most of the color is now muted with chartreuse sycamore mostly faded to russet and sepia.

Smoky haze from the Camp Fire (Paradise) has thinned, though remains noticeable (as seen in these pics).

Backlit by the midday light, wetlands trees in Folsom glowed amber, scarlet and burgundy, as if switched on for a final show before strings of holiday lights replace them.

In Fair Oaks, the village’s ever-present roosters strutted and crowed, telling all who will listen that they are happy not to be turkeys.

In Village Park, a shower of feuille morte fluttered down from venerable elms as workers erected an immense plastic Christmas tree that will be switched on Dec. 1 to the oohs and ahs of villagers … the elms, thereafter to be ignored ’til springtime. 

  • Sacramento County – Peak to Past Peak, YOU ALMOST MISSED IT.