Fall and Flannel

Magnets hidden beneath false buttons allow MagnaReady shirts to open or closed, easily.

If ever a fabric is associated with a season, it is flannel with fall.

Soft and light, yet warm, flannel fits autumn. It is comfortable, outdoorsy and the perfect weight for days that vary from chilly to warm, then back to chilly again.

Now, MagnaReady introduces a line of flannel shirts that open and close through the use of magnets hidden below false buttons. The magnets allow the shirt to click together easily, while still providing the style and durability of a buttoned shirt.

The shirts were designed to help those with difficulty undoing and closing buttons, but they’re a boon to photographers and nature viewers who otherwise have their hands full and could use a little help loosening or closing a button.

By layering MagnaReady’s flannel shirt with a tee, greater versatility and warmth is provided on days when it’s chilly in the morning and evening, and warm midday. Also, the magnetic buttons, hidden beneath real buttons, make it convenient to loosen or close the shirt while in the field.

MagnaReady’s shirts come in a number of stylish patterns, fabrics and colors for men, women and children. They can be purchased online at magnaready.com and through major online retailers.