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How Sweet It is

Sweetwater Mountains (10/1/19) Bob Simms

Jackie Gleason, an early television sitcom comedian’s famous exultation was, “how sweet it is!” When it comes to fall color in Mono County’s Sweetwater Mountains, it surely is.

Outdoor broadcaster Bob Simms (KFBK1530 Sacramento) passed through Mono County last week to find little happening, then returned today to share these photos taken in the Sweetwaters.

Bob scores a First Report for the area (the first time anyone has reported fall color for a location), and that’s surprising, considering how widely Jeff Simpson, Alicia Vennos and other Mono County color spotters venture. Perhaps that’s because the Sweetwaters are only accessible by 4WD vehicle or pack animal.

The Sweetwater Mountains straddle the California/Nevada border, within Toiyabe National Forest and separate the West Walker River from the East Walker River.

I’m sure the rivers are what attracted Bob, as he’s a formidable angler and the consummate outdoorsman.

CLICK HERE to listen to last Saturday’s “Outdoor Show with Bob Simms in which we spoke about California Fall Color. Start the podcast at 21:00 to hear the report.

Better yet, tune in to KFBK 1530AM Saturday mornings from 5 to 8 a.m. or listen to his podcasts to hear his thorough reports on California’s outdoors and fishing.

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  • Sweetwater Mountains – Near Peak (50-75%) GO NOW!