Golden Rain

Pleine air at Surveyor’s Meadow, S Fork Bishop Creek (10/9/19) Steve Shinn

A golden rain has been falling in the Eastern Sierra and color spotter Steve Shinn was there to capture it.

He writes that, “North Lake (Bishop Creek Canyon) is about peaked out and after the wild winds, ‘who knows?’  Still, there are lots of green leaves that are hangin in there, waiting for the gold. Sabrina is similar and getting blasted.”

On Tuesday (Oct. 8), there were very few leaves on the ground, but by 3 p.m. the winds had come up and “golden rain was starting up.”

As we have reported repeatedly, many groves are still Just Starting or Patchy. That means they have green, lime or yellow-lime leaves that will not drop because of wind.

That means peak color will continue to appear in coming weeks.