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McGucken: North Lake

North Lake, N Fork Bishop Creek Canyon (10/8/19) Elliot McGucken

Elliot McGucken has the ability to go back to the same place and find a new perspective, a new perfection.

Of all the photographs received here, his seem to happen at the perfect moment, on the perfect day, from a perfect perspective not shared by him or others previously.

In these photographs, water texture is part of their success. The slight rippling on the surface of North Lake provides a dimension that is both noticeable and compelling.

Timing is a big part of taking photographs such as these. No matter how many times this site urges readers to GO NOW!, some wait, thinking it will get better in a day or two, that somehow the moment is already gone or they will be too early.

I believe Elliot, among us, is he who understands what’s being written, then has the patience and awareness to stand and wait for the perfect moment, when such beauty reveals itself. McGucken makes his moments from what nature provides.

These are not “golden hour” shots, but he has made golden moments for us from what he has patience to capture, from a new perspective, a new perfection.